Advantage Payment Plan

Payments starting at only $199/month* with our Advantage Payment Plan

At WorldStrides, we believe every student should have the opportunity to travel. Our Advantage Payment Plan is designed to help make that a reality by allowing participants to divide their trip cost into easy, flat monthly payments.

Additional benefits:

  • The initial trip deposit is $300.
  • Monthly payment will be $199-$399 depending on date of registration.
  • Payments can be extended beyond the trip date, so participants can travel before they have completed financing their trip.
  • Payments are debited automatically each month, so participants never have to worry about a late or missed payment.

Call us at 1-800-771-5353 to learn more and enroll in the Advantage Payment Plan!

Plan requirements:

  • Travel program cannot exceed $6,999 in total cost.
  • Participants must enroll by the enrollment deadline indicated on their registration materials.
  • Payments continue on a monthly basis until the invoice is paid in full.
  • Monthly service fees will apply to each payment. 

*Amount may vary depending on registration date relative to travel date.